Week 14, U Pick, Oct 18-21

Welcome to the final weekend of the 2019 season! This weekend we will mostly be picking Jonagold, Boskoop, Calville Blanc, Braeburn and Northern Spy. New additions for the weekend will be Yellow Belleflower and Quebec Belle.

Thank you all for making it a good season for us here at Jones Creek Farms. Good luck and fortune to all of you in 2020 and we hope to see you again…..

Week 13, U Pick, Oct 11-14

Hi apple fans, wow! last weekend was a doozie! We were really packing you in and i realize that parking and the limited toilet facilities are a hassel so i really appreciate your understanding with both of those.

This week there are still huge amounts of the Boskoop (pictured) and Northern Spy and Jonagold apples as well as a fair amount of Winter Mac, Calville Blanc and Melrose. The new addition for this week will be Braeburn.

Now is the time to stock up on storage apples! The Boskoop, Melrose and N. Spy are all great storage varieties. These were common varieties used for storage for the culinary industry before the advent of modern controlled atmosphere storage so they keep very well in just normal refrigerated conditions. Before i had a large cooler i used to store my Melrose in bins outside in the shed for 2 months. They were great!

Update on closing time……….. Our last weekend of operation will be October 18-21. After that the farm will be closed, whew!

Jones Creek Farms Open Friday-Monday, 10-5 website- skagitvalleyfruit.com

Week 12, U Pick, Oct 4-7

Welcome apple fans. This weekend is typically the biggest of the season for apple picking here at Jones Creek Farms. Everyone is in the mood for gathering in the kitchen and making pies and apple sauce. This weekend we have some of the best varieties for your favorite apple recipes. We have special volume pricing on our fruit for you folks that like to do lots of preserving. Check out our prices at our web site…….. skagitvalleyfruit.com

New varieties for this week are Melrose, Jonagold, Winter Mac, Boskoop, Northern Spy, Calville Blanc (pictured) and Scarlet Ohara.

This will be the last weekend for picking Liberty apples, get em while you can! and there are still King apples to be had.

This weekend is also the festival of family farms event here in the Skagit Valley. This is when you can tour many of the family farms and sample their farm goods and learn about their farming practices.

Come on out for a day of fun and apple picking! Open Friday-Monday, 10-5