Week 10 Oct 19 – 21

Hello apple lovers. Well this is the last weekend of the season for the U pick. The fruit season was a little early this year, seems to be a continuing trend. This week we have Staymans Winesap and Braeburn for your picking pleasure and there is still a lot of the Olympic Asian Pear still on the trees as well.

Come on out for one last nice day on the farm. Thank you and have a great and peaceful year……… Les, Lyn, Debbie


Week 9 Oct 12 – 14

Hi folks and welcome to week 9. This weekend features one of our fans most favorite cooking apples, the Calville Blanc d’Hiver. This variety goes back to the mid 1500’s, France where it was featured in the kitchens of royalty. (secret…..its great just to eat out of hand too!)

Also this weekend we have the Scarlet Ohara. This is a recent introduction, sweet/tart and very crunchy!

Olympic Asian Pears are up for the picking this week. These are the last pears to be picked so get them now!

There are also still plenty of Northern Spy apples on the trees so make sure and pick a few of those to mix in your pie…..

As a heads up…….. next weekend will be our last weekend of the season.

Thanks and happy picking!


Week 8 Oct 5 – 7

Hi apple fans and welcome to week 8 at Jones Creek Farms. The season is wrapping up fast this year so if you want to pick some fruit come on out soon!

The U pick pumpkin patch will be opening up starting this week. We have lots of Carving pumpkins as well as pie pumpkins.

New apples this week are the Belle de Boskoop (pictured), Ashmede’s Kernel, Northern Spy and Winter Mac.

These are some of the finest cooking apples one can find anywhere in the world. Some are also great for eating out of hand and they all are long keepers.


Week 7 Sep 28 – 30

Welcome to weekend 7 and some sunny weather!  This is the height of the Liberty apple picking season so come on out and get your bags full! We will be opening up new rows of the west block that are just busting with Liberty apples so dont miss out!    Also still available from last week are the Jonagolds and Kings as well as Comice Pears.

New this week we have the great keeping apple, Melrose. Also available is the Zabergau Reinette and Raven.  New winter pears are the Bosc and Conference and we have the Mishirasu Asian pear this week.

Also ripe this weekend is the unique Moultons Pride crabapple, (pictured). This is a fantastic crab for all kinds of uses. It has all the expected qualities of a crab,tart, bitter, tannin, astringent and sweet but not so overpowering as most. Take a bite out of one…….. youll like it!  We make the usuall crabapple jelly and other crab blends with it but it also is great to use as a natural pectin source (its really high) for setting up other products. Also great for blending in cider!

Hope to see you at the farm!


Week 6 Sep 21 – 23

Hi folks, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been braving the weather and coming out to the farm to pick in the rain. Its nice to know there are others out there who know, farming is a rain or shine event!

We are getting into the real premier varieties this week! Pictured is Liberty and also available is the first Jonagolds. These two varieties ripen over a period of time and hang well so we will have them for a while. Also this weekend are Pinova and the first of the Kings.  The Comice winter pear will be available to pick this weekend as well.


There are still lots of Cortlands, Gala, Spartan, Bramley, Sweet 16 and Karmijn on the trees so have at those while they’re still available.


Week 5 Sep 14 – 16

Hello apple pickers.  Well last weekend was a big one for varieties and it looks like this will be another one not to miss. This week though we also have pears, both Asian and European.

Lets start off with the apples.  We have the Bramley’s Seedling (pictured), Red Hook McIntosh, Cortland, Spartan, Cox Orange Pippin, Scarlet Gala, Karmijn, Sweet 16, Morespur McIntosh.       For Asian Pears we have the Kosui and Shinseiki and for summer pears we have the Orcas and Jackie’s Delight.

Come on out for some u pick fun and please visit our web site for more farm info:    skagitvalleyfruit.com