Week 1, Farmers Market, 7/23/20

Welcome back Jones Creek Farms fans! This year, in light of the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in, I’ve decided to start this blog page early, at the beginning of farmers market season, so you guys will have the opportunity to see what we are bringing to the farmers market and also give you the opportunity to place orders ahead for pick up at the market if you wish.

This week we will be showing up with fresh harvest garlic, Korean Rocambole. Still undergoing the curing process this garlic can be used for all garlic uses but is especially fantastic now for use in raw dishes like pasta salads, tuna fish, egg salad and of course pesto.

Also coming to the market will be Japanese Plums. The Beauty plums had very poor pollination this year so we wont be bringing any of those and instead are skipping right to the Methley plums. These are a purple skin and purple fleshed, about the sized of a golf ball, plum. Tart skin and sweet, very juicy flesh.

Here is a link to the Square checkout site if you want to pre order garlic:


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