Week 10, U-Pick, Sep 20-23

Hi u pick fans. I hope everyone is hungry, there’s a huge amount of apples on the trees. From last week we still have plenty of Cortlands, Galas, Spartan, Jonamac and Karmijn. There’s also lesser amounts of Sweet 16 and Red Delicious. The big story though is the Liberty. This is the weekend that Liberty will be at its prime. A great cross of McIntosh, this apple is very, very, crunchy and with a tart / sweet flavor that is a real winner. We have lots of trees full of them as they are a big hit at the farmers markets.

I have been making several changes to the harvest schedule lately. The cooler, wet weather we have had the last few weeks has slowed ripening.

Its almost fall. Come on out to the farm for some u pick fun. Open Friday-Monday, 10-5. check out our web site for further farm information……… skagitvalleyfruit.com

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