Week 4 U-Pick, Aug 9-12

Here we are, opening weekend of apple season! Its the Gravensteins. They kinda snuck up on us. The Gravensteins are definitely ready. The Rosy Glow and Sunrise which usually are ready the same time as Gravenstein are just starting to color ripen. This means when you look these over for picking you will have to be selective as to which ones to pick. Some trees have 50% ready, some trees only 10%. Ask Lyn or I and we will help you.

The pic here is of my youngest son, Hunter trying to heft up a sagging branch of the Sheets Gravenstein on a hot August day. I know its an older pic but I just love it…..

Come on out and have some fun picking apples for your first great pie, crisp, cobbler or whatever you want to put those Gravensteins to use for!

Farm is open Friday-Monday, 10-5.

Check out our web site for more info………… skagitvalleyfruit.com

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