Week 7 Sep 28 – 30

Welcome to weekend 7 and some sunny weather!  This is the height of the Liberty apple picking season so come on out and get your bags full! We will be opening up new rows of the west block that are just busting with Liberty apples so dont miss out!    Also still available from last week are the Jonagolds and Kings as well as Comice Pears.

New this week we have the great keeping apple, Melrose. Also available is the Zabergau Reinette and Raven.  New winter pears are the Bosc and Conference and we have the Mishirasu Asian pear this week.

Also ripe this weekend is the unique Moultons Pride crabapple, (pictured). This is a fantastic crab for all kinds of uses. It has all the expected qualities of a crab,tart, bitter, tannin, astringent and sweet but not so overpowering as most. Take a bite out of one…….. youll like it!  We make the usuall crabapple jelly and other crab blends with it but it also is great to use as a natural pectin source (its really high) for setting up other products. Also great for blending in cider!

Hope to see you at the farm!


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