Week 9 Oct 12 – 14

Hi folks and welcome to week 9. This weekend features one of our fans most favorite cooking apples, the Calville Blanc d’Hiver. This variety goes back to the mid 1500’s, France where it was featured in the kitchens of royalty. (secret…..its great just to eat out of hand too!)

Also this weekend we have the Scarlet Ohara. This is a recent introduction, sweet/tart and very crunchy!

Olympic Asian Pears are up for the picking this week. These are the last pears to be picked so get them now!

There are also still plenty of Northern Spy apples on the trees so make sure and pick a few of those to mix in your pie…..

As a heads up…….. next weekend will be our last weekend of the season.

Thanks and happy picking!


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